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let's change the blood of victims of Dehmazang to conciousness and strenght!

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Malalai Joya, 24 July, 2016

malalai joya

Once again, my homeland’s heart aches with the blood of hundreds of my innocent compatriots, and the nation mourns. Offering condolences cannot relieve the harrowing pain of the Dehmazang tragedy perpetrated by medieval-minded savages. The streams of blood running from ‪Dehmazang‬ should be a lesson of awakening and consciousness for our nation. This justice-seeking movement that was born to fight against discrimination and injustice, was perverted from the very beginning to serve the interests of a few people and groups, due to the presence of traitors like Mohaqiq, Khalili, Danish, Modabir, Shafaq, and a handful of their stooges and young, so-called intellectuals. Those who raised slogans of the “red line” ultimately joined hands with the criminals and looters in the presidential palace, and left the people in the middle, who became prey to suicide attacks.

Our ‪Hazara‬ compatriots should take this lesson from the martyrdom of more than 80 innocent people: they can fulfill their just and humane demands only if they hold accountable the traitors who have been using ethnic divisions for their interest, and have ridden roughshod over our suffering people for decades. A movement that is not led by honest, pro-people, progressive, national, and anti-reactionary elements will always be perverted and robbed of its true values. This is proven by the blood and devastation of millions of humans in our history and the world’s.

Although apparently ‪‎ISIS‬ has claimed responsibility for this attack, there are countless unanswered questions on the matter that the treacherous government of Ghani and Abdullah need to answer. They can block the entire Kabul city and stop the movement of six million inhabitants, but cannot stop a couple of suicide attackers? From these incidents we know that there are elements inside the government that are colluding with terrorists outside.