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“Peace” with the most brutal enemies of humanity, is worse than war!

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Malalai Joya, 25 september, 2016

malalai joya

By reaching a shameful deal with one the most infamous arch-criminals and traitors of the past four decades, the US has included the last of its lackeys in the circle of the puppet and corrupt regime and completed this circle that already includes national traitors like Sayyaf, Dostum, Abdullah, Khalil, Mojadadi, Mohaqiq, Qanooni, Ismail, Atta, Farooq Wardak, Hanif Atmar and others.

I think that the peace that champions criminals and terrorists like Gulbuddin, Qutbuddin Hilal, Qareeb ul Rahman Saeed, Ghairat Baheer, Haroon Zarghoon, Karim Amin, and other treacherous killers, is more dangerous than war. The result of such "peace" is the release of these savage hounds on our defenseless people and will further drag our country toward suffering and destruction. Peace with a party that announced its support for ISIS, the most brutal force of the century, is the most deadly game which will only victimize our hapless people.

Beautiful words in the name of “peace” is used by the government and Gulbuddin’s fascist party, but that is only the view of the matter. Behind this play, are dirty plans. The US badly needs such stooges – who have forty years of experience as traitors and killers – to carry out its colonial plans, to keep Afghanistan an eternal captive, and use them against its rivals, China and Russia. It is for this reason that Gulbuddin “Rocketyar”, the most trusted agent of the CIA and ISI will be used by them towards the end of his life.

Gulbuddin’s joining of the national “terror” government, with all the benefits and privileges he is getting, has no connection with peace. In fact, it signals more horror and bloodshed for our country. This party is practically on the verge of falling apart and does not have the strength to function, but its Western masters rejuvenated it, to use it in its games.

The US and its stooges also used deafening propaganda for months to persuade the people before signing the document of selling our country, with the US. They portrayed the agreement as the key to solving all the hardships of the nation, but now everyone knows that the agreement did nothing but increase war and misfortune. In the same way, today they are trying to portray this deal with Gulbuddin’s murderous party as the foundation for peace in our country. People who have no idea about the happenings around us are rejoicing for this deal, but they will soon learn that its outcomes are disastrous for our country. Gulbuddin is a devious rascal that has always brought sorrow and bloodshed, and it cannot be that he has become an angel of peace and kindness towards the end of his life!

It is for the progressive forces and conscious figures and conscious, patriotic intellectuals to not be deceived by these anti-national shows, and join hands to fight against foreign occupation and their internal stooges, along with our ravaged people. We have to unite to uproot these deadly viruses from our society and not rest until we do so. This is the only way of attaining peace, justice, and stability in the country.