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Donald Trump and the decay of the colonialist USA

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Malalai Joya, 24 January, 2017

malalai joya

After months of deafening propaganda for the so-called elections, Donald Trump has finally headed to the White House. Throughout their campaigns, we saw that the two nominees, Hilary Clinton and Trump, were not different from each other in nature, and had recorded their names in history as two of the most infamous candidates of the US elections. Their ludicrous television debates were at the level of the ignorant Jehadi and Taliban of Afghanistan, as they attacked each other. All this clearly shows the nature of the current US system and the decay of this false empire from within. It is thanks to this dirty system that a misogynist rapist, racist and mentally ill person has become the ruler of a nation of 300 million people!

The history of the US elections has shown that the two parties, Republican and Democrat, are two sides of the same coin and their foreign policy is planned and implemented by their intelligence agencies and capitalist tycoons. They have no essential difference between them. In the past decade and a half, the US’s anti-human policies have not only devastated our country, but have plunged countries such as Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, and Ukraine into utter destruction and terror.

We can easily predict that under Trump, this bitter, egoistic representative of capitalists, the world will be dragged deeper into war, terror, injustice, and instability. His first executive order was for war. Now we have to wait and see which poor nations will be obliterated and turned into a bloodbath with his war machine, and which dark forces will take the place of ISIS and Al Qaeda.

In his inauguration speech, Trump made plenty of false promises to the people of the US, which reminded one of Obama’s deceptive slogans, none of which were implemented. The warmonger and oppressive policies of Bush were furthered by Obama and the world sunk deeper in terrorism and crisis. One cannot expect anything other than this from Trump.

But the people of the US proved once more, that there is a huge distance between them and the ruling colonialists. Trump had not yet set foot in the White House, and the streets of the country were filled with fierce, justice-seeking protestors who rose against this corrupt billionaire with slogans such as “No to racism, no to Trump”, “Trump is not our president”, “No to a misogynist president”, and so on. We can be hopeful that Trump’s presidency will be followed by uprisings by the people, especially women, natives, and African-Americans, and will be marked by a new chapter of protests by the conscious society of the US.

In this just struggle against colonialism and oppression, all the freedom seeking people of the world standing by the people of the US have learned that a handful of people cannot bully and destroy the whole world. The false, terrorist, and corrupt empire of the US is facing its downfall.