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Let us turn this Women’s Day to the day of the freedom of women from oppression and discrimination!

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Malalai Joya, 11 March, 2017

rakat yar

On this International Women’s Day, I wish all the women of the world, and especially the suffering women of my country from the bottom of my heart. While progressive and struggler women around the world are celebrating this day, to not just exchange their experiences, but to also take bigger practical steps towards uprooting all kinds of violence and discrimination against women, Afghan women are deprived of their most basic rights and face barbarism and cruelties every day. Islamic fundamentalists have driven half of our society towards disaster with their medieval and misogynist mindsets, and their US and Western masters shamelessly misuse the Afghan women’s sufferings for their devious and war monger plans.

While the criminals and Ikhwanis in our country have learned to show a handful of sold-out women as proof of their support for women, but their nature is no different from the Taliban and ISIS. These days, even traitorous Gulbuddinis, whose long history of acid attacks on the girls of Kabul and other such acts are still fresh in the memory of our women, are trying to portray themselves as advocates of women’s rights so they can better fulfill their new role for their US masters in the puppet government.

Reactionary forces, be it the Jehadis or Taliban, Akhundis or ISIS, see women as creatures whose only purpose is to fulfill their animalistic sexual lust, and as a housewife. But women have proved throughout history, that when given a chance, they can play important roles in every field along with the males. The inspirational uprising and armed struggle of Kurdish women against the ISIS brutes has proved to the world that if women rise resolutely, they can turn into a storm no force can tame.

The key to the freedom of women is in gaining awareness and organizing themselves. Women have to break the chains on their hands and feet and mind, and unite to attain their rights. Rights are never given, they have to be attained with sacrifices, struggle, and unwavering will. Let us turn the International Women’s Day into a day of unity and struggle, and like the women of Kobani, rid ourselves of the murderous misogynists.