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We condemn Trump and the U.S. for dropping their largest non-nuclear bomb on Afghanistan!

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Malalai Joya, 16 April, 2017

rakat yar

The use of the so-called “Mother of all Bombs," the biggest non-nuclear bomb in the U.S. arsenal, on the Achin district of Nangarhar is a warning to the people of Afghanistan that the U.S. is ready to use its deadliest weapons to prolong their presence in the region.

The claim that the target of this bomb was ISIS is a lie because, I believe, the U.S. does not truly want to see the destruction of the Taliban, ISIS, and Al Qaeda in Afghanistan. Rather, it has contributed to nurturing this deadly virus in our country all these years.

The power of ISIS in Afghanistan is not as great as the media portrays. The organization barely exists in our country, although a number of Taliban extremists now wear the ISIS attire to terrorize our people.

In the past 16 years of our country’s occupation by the U.S. and NATO, the bombs and arms used by these forces have contained radioactive elements which have contaminated our environment and led to a terrifying increase in the rates of birth-defects among children in war-torn areas. In many areas agriculture has also suffered.

The puppet government of Kabul gave the Pentagon a green light for committing crimes and carrying out such tests when it signed the shameful strategic agreement imposed by the U.S.. In reality, our country has become the laboratory of the West’s war machine and, once again, the site of conflicts between superpowers.

During this time, our people, and progressive and justice-seeking forces, have raised their voice against the bullying and intervention of foreign countries.

I believe that the use of the “Mother of All Bombs” by the U.S. army was done to threaten its competitors like Russia and China, rather than to obliterate ISIS. In return, Russia will not remain silent either and another round of arms race will begin again, the victims of which will be the people of Afghanistan. Our people are worried that Afghanistan will become the ground of the superpowers’ conflicts and sink deeper into war, destruction, and misfortune.

The U.S. government justified its recent escalated intervention in Syria with lies and Hollywood-style shows on the pretext that Assad’s regime used chemical weapons. But the dark history of the White House and Pentagon shows that they are biggest violators of international law, as they have always armed criminal dictators with the most deadly weapons and used chemical and biological weapons in many of their own wars, leading to the killing of millions of people. In our own country, the U.S. has dropped white phosphorus and depleted uranium bombs many times, which has led to the killing and burning of our people and terrible environmental destruction. Therefore, as long as our country is occupied by the U.S. and NATO, our people will not experience security and stability.

The biggest perpetrator of terrorism in our country is the U.S. government, because we all know that the Taliban and other terrorist groups were created in part by interventions by the U.S. and the West. While it uses anti-terrorism slogans, it secretly arms and finances extremist groups in our country to use them against China and Russia. By now everyone knows that what Martin Luther King said 50 years ago remains true: the current U.S. system is the biggest purveyor of violence and terrorism in history.

If the U.S. honestly intended to destroy ISIS and Taliban terrorists, it would start its operation from the Presidential Palace of Afghanistan and remove the Jehadis who share the nature of the Taliban and ISIS and formulate their destructive plans for our country from within. Our people see Hanif Atmar (National Security Advisor to Ashraf Ghani), Masoom Istanikzai (intelligence chief), Ashraf Ghani, Abdullah Abdullah and others as “Taliban in suits.” They all collaborate with the Taliban, Gulbuddin’s terrorist group, the Haqqani network, and other groups.

I hope that we will see the day when our mourning people will unite and rise again against the foreign occupiers and their internal lackeys. Otherwise, now that they’ve tested their Mother of All Bombs, tomorrow these war criminals may not even hesitate to drop nuclear bombs on our people.