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27th and 28th April, odious days of our history!

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Malalai Joya, 27 April, 2017

rakat yar

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

How well it has been said. Yes, we can have a just and transparent future, if we settle accounts with the past. Otherwise, we will witness the repeat of history, maybe in a worse fashion.

Although many years have passed since the dark days of 27th and 28th April, our people still suffer from the terrible nightmare of those days. A large number of the perpetrators of these days still rule over our people, and continue their fascism with a change in their appearance, but not in their nature. The root cause of all the disasters in Afghanistan, from poverty to domestic violence against women, illiteracy, unemployment, drug addiction, drug mafia, refugee crisis, tribal, regional, and linguistic divisions, and tens of others, lie in the wounds of this corrupt and decaying history.

From the first day that these criminals took power, progressive figures and forces have raised their voice against these enemies, but since an anti-people government supported by foreign invaders is in power, our nation’s cries were unheard, and the criminality and notoriety has reached a level where the murderer of Kabul, Gulbuddin “Rocket-yar”, has been dolled up and brought back to ride roughshod on our wounded nation.

28th April should be declared national mourning day, but the ruling national traitors in power, celebrate this gruesome day in Arg and shamelessly trample on the blood of 70,000 Kabulis.

Unless the shame of 27th and 28th April are not removed from our homeland, our dear Afghanistan cannot find peace and prosperity. It is due to this situation that the Taliban, ISIS, the brutal US and NATO occupiers and other enemies of humanity are in our country and wreak bloodshed on our poorest people.

Dear suffering compatriots!

I will not tire from exposing the nature of the brutal and traitorous fundamentalists and repeatedly invite my compatriots to unite and struggle in solidarity for security, justice, independence and democracy.

If we do not act, these national traitors will tear us apart with tribal, linguistic, regional, and sectarian divisions and make our future darker and bloodier. Let us not allow these devious and traitorous games stop our struggle and normalize this terrible situation.