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7th October is the occupation day of Afghanistan

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Malalai Joya, October.8, 2017


7th October is the occupation day of Afghanistan by USA & NATO, it is one of the worst days in our history that its consequences had disastrous impact for our people and country, which is also continuing after 16 years and everyday it is getting bloodier and more tragic. Occupation of Afghanistan by USA & NATO was beginning of a new phase of US bloody war and its amplitude dragged Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Ukraine etc., that killed millions of innocent people and not known yet how much more nations will be targeted further.

In the name of “War against terrorism” and “Afghan women freedom” USA and its allies occupied our country, but after passing one and half decade Taliban not only got more powerful, more blood thirsty and cruel, but also our country became plague bait of warlords, ISIS, drug mafia and corruption and its women also getting roasted in burning hell. Today our country is going thru its most macerated and the blackest days of its history and especially its hopeless youth are finding ways to escape.

From one side if result of 7th October was apparent and dramatic changes in our society for which western broadcasters did abundant propaganda, on other hand everyday killing and suicide, bombardment of villages and massacre of civilian by US AND NATO forces, changing Afghanistan into experimental lab for most modern weapons of west, escalation of terrorism and religious extremism, involved more bloody hands of Iran and Pakistan in our country, operating planned nationalist and religious splits, civilian poverty and misery, looting and corruption that was rare seen in history, and thousands of other disaster are its result, that have so long term affect that for centuries our country can’t free from its shadow.

During his election campaign Fascist Trump called Afghanistan war “A disaster” in a very deceptive way and was talking about ending the war, but finally he followed a strategy which is bringing news of more disaster for our people. This strategy is actually making Afghanistan into ground for proxy wars between regional and world powers and dragging toward destroying.

From one side USA is calling Taliban its enemies and speaking against them and from other side even afghan kids know that during these years Taliban and other terrorist groups were supported in hide by USA to keep Afghanistan situation unsafe, and to prolong its presence in the region, in addition exporting terrorism to china and Russia etc. by impacting its rivals interest, and to make them unstable. If yesterday headsman Gulbuddin was kept hide in secret homes of ISI and was enjoying support of USA, now he is installed in Kabul like a puppet, and same like his other US lackeys such as Atta, Sayyaf, Qanoni, Mohaqiq, Khalili, Abdullah, Karzai, Ashraf Ghani etc., given facilities so they can run smoothly for US strategies.

Until USA & west are present in Afghanistan and its mercenaries are in power, our people will not see face of peace, freedom, democracy and justice, a foreign power whose history is tied with crime and oppression can’t be herald of these values for us.

Finally, one of the former authorities of US accepts that US have plan of 50 years in Afghanistan. So its responsibility of our progressive movements, and justice loving & anti occupation people to not set in rest and struggle with unity to liberate their motherland from bloody hands of foreigners and their puppets. As we can see the correctness of below famous phrase in practice; Any nation who fight for its freedom are free, but if any nation claim to free other nations will actually dragged to enslavement and captivity.