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Mournful Compatriots!

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Malalai Joya, October.24, 2017


I know you are exhausted with the words of “condolence”, “sorrow” and “condemning”, especially when every time, you listen it from main suspects of the present misery situation in country. Instead of saying condolence, we must give hands together and struggle with unity, to come out of this horror house, because we have no other way for coming out of present disastrous situation.

By announcement of “The US new strategy for Afghanistan”, the main message of which was only escalation of war and crime in our country, since days we were witness of rivulet of blood in Afghanistan, victims of which were all our poorest and miserable civilian. Not a single soldier of the occupier USA, none of their puppet traitors and none of their relatives were killed. Blood of hundreds of our innocent countrymen will keep dark faces of absurd officials, conscience sleeping intellectuals, because they welcome this strategy and by supporting it they were making it theorized. Horrendous slaughters of Ghazni, Paktia, Kandahar, Kabul, Ghor and other provinces during last days proved for thousand time that bloodthirsty Taliban, these puppets of foreigners will do anything for keeping up their master’s plan and will not take off hand from any horror and oppression. Therefore calling them “brother” and dividing them between “moderate” and “extremist” and inviting them to “peace process” are disgrace conspiracies that can be expected from dishonest, filthy and unpopular elements.

Brutal attacks over Shias Mosques, are evil policies of Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, USA and other beneficiary countries in Afghanistan, to alight sectarian and religious differences, and to move our country toward more intense, instability and crisis. With Solidarity of all ethnic groups and religions we can hit on face of our nation enemies and can make fail their devilish seditions. Fortunately we witness the solidarity of our people with the victims of these tragic events, which shows awareness of our compatriots.