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Malalai Joya and the Tale of 2 CNNs

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Eric Garris,, October 28, 2009

“The Bravest Woman in Afghanistan,” Malalai Joya did two CNN interviews on Thursday. Joya is an elected member of the Afghanistan parliament who has been suspended for “insulting fellow members of parliament” in a television interview. She is articulate and firm in her position that the Western occupation is feeding the violence.

The first interview was broadcast on CNN (US). In the middle of the interview, as Joya made clear she opposed US occupation, interviewer Heidi Collins said “occupation would certainly your word, a lot of people would take great issue with you calling the US presence in your country an ‘occupation’.” Joya went on to defend her position as Collins’ interrupted snidely. As Joya tried to respond to Collins, she was cut off.

The second interview took place on CNN International. Joya’s anti-occupation position was highlighted up front and the interviewer was polite and respectful.

Comments from Dick Stallion:

Bravo, Malalai, bravo!

Notice how humble and down to earth Malalai Joya that's a real woman! Not at all like that hateful hunk of plastic at the CNN propaganda desk.

Hey, BTW, Medea Benjamin (you backstabbing Zionist-liberal pig!) you see the button that Malalai is wearing? It says "US out of Afghanistan NOW!" LMAO!

May God bless you, Malalai Joya, and keep you safe!

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