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"Malalai's Spanish colleagues are in solidarity with her once again"

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Spanish Female MPs, July 6, 2007
Original Spanish Text (PDF)

To the women of Afghanistan
To the female MPs of Afghan Parliament
To the organizations working for women rights and peace

Spanish female MPs who supported Malalai Joya

We, Spanish female members of the parliament, belonging to different parties want to express our support to Malalai Joya, member of the Afghan Parliament, after knowing she was ousted for a three years period. She was ousted for freely expressing her opinions as MP.

On the occasion of the current year 8th of March we released a communication in which we declared our deep condemnation for the news about the demonstration made by 20,000 former mujahidin in Kabul, headed by vice-president Abdul Karim Khalili, asking for an impunity law for the war criminals and screaming massively "Death to Malalai Joya!".

In front of such threats against a female MP, who has been defending the need for justice, democracy and human rights, Malalai's Spanish colleagues are in solidarity with her once again.

President Karzai promised to respect the Constitution. The women rights are an evidence to judge if the way goes ahead or goes back without compromising with the fundamentalism. We're full of sadness by realizing that the current situation shows a clear involution.

We cannot cover our ears or look at other side in front of Malalai Joya's situation. For us it would be a great honor to give to her the voice which is denied. In this regard, we'll be pleased to welcome her in this house of popular representation during her next visit to Spain.


In the above photo, Left to Right:

- Rosa Maria Bonàs (Republican Left of Catalonia)
- Fátima Aburto (Spanish Socialist Worker Party)
- Begoña Lasagabaster (Basque Solidarity)
- Isaura Navarro (United Left)
- Beatriz Rodríguez-Salmones (Peoples Party)
- Margarita Uria (Basque Nationalist Party)
- Mercè Pigem (Convergence and Union)