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Malalai Joya: I am Bradley Manning!

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Bradley Manning Support Network, March 24, 2013

I am Bradley Manning

I am Malalai Joya, women’s rights and anti-war activist from Afghanistan. I strongly support Bradley Manning, who, by exposing the crimes and wrong-doings of the US government, informed the world about the brutalities and inhuman acts of US army in my country which is suffering under US/NATO occupation and my people are being tortured and killed under a fake banner of “war on terror”. I am inspired by Manning and other great anti-war soldiers, who represent the shining face of America.

In a just society, brave people like Manning should be celebrated while those sitting in the White House, Pentagon and Wall Street should be punished for their war-mongering policies and killing of innocent people around the world for their sinister personal gains.

I am Bradley Manning